JC091 Plug-in Remote Magnetic Flowmeter IP68

JC091 Plug-in Remote Magnetic Flowmeter IP68

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JC091 Plug-in Remote  Magnetic Flowmeter IP68 

JC091 insertion electromagnetic flowmeter is a new fluid flowmeter developed based on pipe-type electromagnetic flowmeter. Besides preserving the merits of pipe-type electromagnetic flowmeter and considering such defects of pipe-type electromagnetic flowmeter as difficult installation on large pipes and high cost,JC091 flowmeter measures mean fluid flow rate in electromagnetic method according to NIKURADS principle, so as to obtain the fluid volume flow. In particular, after technologies of hot tapping and installation under pressure are applied, the insertion electromagnetic flowmeter can be installed without conducting shutdown or cutting off water supply as well as on cast iron pipe or cement pipe. The successful development of insertion electromagnetic flowmeter provides a new means for inspection of fluid flow.

JC091 Plug-in Remote  Magnetic Flowmeter IP68








Compact  type

Remote control  type


±0.5%~±1.5% (under reference conditions)

Caliber (mm)




Conforming to GB9119, stainless steel

Pressure rating


Material of converter housing

Die-cast aluminum alloy

Material of sensor housing

Stainless steel

Material of sensor structure

Stainless steel/PVDF


6 kg

Electrical conductivity

≥5μs/cm (negotiate with us for ordering in case of less than 5μs/cm)


316L, hastelloy, titanium, tantalum and platinum

Protection grade


IP65/IP67(IP68 is optional to sensor)

Medium temperature



Ambient temperature


Effect of ambient temperature

<±0.1%/10℃ or <±0.25%/10


≤±0.01% or ≤±0.25%

Analog output error


Flow rate within measuring range


Available to be buried

≤5m (only IP68)

Electrical connection

M20*1.5 seal, G1/2 and NPT1/2

Sensor cable


<30M (negotiate with us for ordering in case of over length)

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